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Saburo Ishii, President


Social infrastructure has progressed dramatically in recent years.Towering buildings,a network of high-speed modes of transportation,a convenient water supply and sewage system,the restoration of the natural environment...the list goes on and on.

Since its foundation in 1955,Tachibana Material has made its share of contributions to building the infrastructure,by supplying construction materials,reliably and steadily.

The company's reputation as No.1 in the industry in terms of sales volume,product range,and quality is a result of our persistent effort to satisfy customer needs.

We follow the company's principle to "offer what is needed,when needed,and swiftly."

Tachibana Material is guided by this fundamental principle while it aggressively pursues its business goals.

Taking this opportunity,I would like to ask for your unchanged support in the future.

Sabro Ishii, President


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