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Tachibana Brand is the No.1 in the Industry

"Fulfilling Customer Needs" as a Manufacturer and a Trader


Tachibana Material is not just a trading house, but is also active in developing new, innovative products. In civil engineering, it is a common belief that a hundred different materials are required if you have a hundred jobs, due to differences in soil properties and construction methods.

With a thorough understanding of construction work, Tachibana Material continues to survey the market and develop new materials that are best suited for each purpose.

Through this effort, Tachibana is recognized as a company that continues to grow with new ideas. The company's emphasis as a trader and manufacturer in the construction industry has earned the confidence of many customers.


Tachibana's Quick Response to "Offer What is Needed,When Needed"


A construction site does not always have enough storage space for materials. Because of this,

Tachibana Material guarantees quick delivery. What is necessary today must be delivered today. This is the principle that runs deep in the history of the company. By collecting up-to-date market information, paying frequent visits to construction sites, and maintaining good communication with customers, Tachibana Material always keeps appropriate amounts of materials in stock and helps its customers to improve efficiency.


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